STS Chckn Escalope Orig 2kgx4

Product name: STS Chckn Escalope Orig 2kgx4

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"Sovereign has been a major economic contributor to the Eastern Cape. Ever since the company was started in 1948, we have based all our operations in and around the Rocklands Valley, and we will continue to support our home province through job creation and social investment. Sovereign currently provides 1300 direct jobs and in excess of 4000 indirect jobs, all to citizens of the Eastern Cape. The fully cooked Chicken’tizers range features uncoated, southern style and crumbed coated products that South African diners enjoy, making it the top choice for food service and QSR."

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FROZEN Products


Among our frozen products are premium ice cream, potato products (French fries, hash browns, churros), seafood, pies, ready-to-cook meals, poultry fresh pasta, and cheese. Admiral's pizza, Aviko, Freshly Frozen Foods, and Pieman's are among the top brands in our frozen category.