Spring Rolls Vegetable (Bulk)

Product name: Spring Rolls Vegetable (Bulk)

Brand Information

classic bites

Classic Bites

Classic Bites Food Industry LLC is a HACCP compliant company which focuses on manufacturing and distributing a range of high quality frozen snack products within the Middle East. The company follows world class standards in all phases of procurement, production and distribution. Classic Bites Food Industry boasts of utilizing state of art technology in their processing unit located in the UAE. The company has many years of experience in dealing with customers ranging from retail to wholesale & foodservice. Classic Bites takes pride in preparing products using high quality ingredients, making no use of artificial flavours or colours. CBFI has a wide range of different types of samosas, spring rolls & other frozen snack items in both retail & catering packs. Private labeling is also undertaken.

Category Information

FROZEN Products


Among our frozen products are premium ice cream, potato products (French fries, hash browns, churros), seafood, pies, ready-to-cook meals, poultry fresh pasta, and cheese. Admiral's pizza, Aviko, Freshly Frozen Foods, and Pieman's are among the top brands in our frozen category.