Product name: AMP PMI BEEF BURGER 200G

Brand Information

Admirals Meat Processing

Admirals has now expanded the business into meat processing in order to meet increasing customer demands for quality meat products. With the company’s focus on highlighting innovation and quality within the food service and retail industries, we provide premium standard meats in order to ensure the premium quality of taste, colour, packaging and shelf life of the products. Admirals Meat Processing emphasizes on the expansion of streamlining consistent meat portioning and packaging methods and to create an even higher standard for portioned meat and chicken.

Category Information

FRESH Products


Among our fresh products are burgers, chicken breast, turkey breast, and cheeses like Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, among others. Within the category of Fresh foods are Mozzarella Express, AMP, and APP (Admirals Meat Processing and Admirals Pizza Production).