Mr Chef Cooking Oil 1x18liter

Product name: Mr Chef Cooking Oil 1x18liter

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Brand Information

Mr. Chef

We are committed to produce and market a range of culinary products which include seasoning cubes and powdered seasonings that meet and exceed customer and statutory requirements . We are also committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our operations through the implementation of the requirements of ISO. We re-launched our products into the market in 2018, as the new look cubes and seasonings are made from natural ingredients and a blend of international and local Nigerian flavors.

Category Information

DRY Products


We offer a wide range of breakfast cereals, canned food, coffee, sports nutrition, honey, sauces, and spreads. Internationally and locally renowned brands in our dry category include California Garden Chef Express, Jack Links, Yum Yum, Weight Watchers, Mother Earth, Limitless, Supashape, Molino Laquone, Ouma, de Siam, Bunalun Organic, Chia Bia, and many others.