Product name: MIE SEDAAP CURRY 73GX5

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Brand Information

Mi Sedaap

Mi Sedaap is one of the top famous leading instant noodles brand in Malaysia. Mi Sedaap has received widespread acceptance due to its ground breaking good taste approach. Mi Sedaap is famous for its springiness noodles and the “kriuk-kruik” crunchyness fried onion. Mi Sedaap has been introduced to Malaysia market with a new way of instant noodles enjoyment from its Mi Goreng Asli flavor. The Mi Goreng Asli flavor is entitled for the highest rating as Malaysia favorite Mi Goreng instant noodles.(based on AC Nielsen Retail Audit Jan 2011) Mi Sedaap are available in 5 flavor variants to meet consumers enjoyment taste, which are, Mi Goreng Asli, Mi Goreng Sambal Goreng, Mi Sup Soto, Mi Sup Ayam Bawang and Mi Sup Ayam Istimewa. New exciting flavous are currently being developed to build on this success and fulfill consumer request.

Category Information

DRY Products


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