GK Flax Milk Protien+Vanilla

Product name: GK Flax Milk Protien+Vanilla

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Good Karma

We're Good Karma. We believe that good food fuels good people, creating better communities and a brighter tomorrow. Which means we take great care in choosing quality ingredients that are nutritious, delicious and lets plants shine. Certified Glyphosate-Residue Free, non-GMO and made without major allergens while being easy on the environment. Because good quality plants make good quality products, which makes good quality humans. That’s what we eat up. That’s our MO. When it comes to plant based milks, why stop at one plant or nut? Our Plantmilk has the creaminess of 2% and the health benefits of blended flax, oat, and pea plants. Cup for cup, Good Karma Plantmilk provides 5x the protein than almond milk plus Omega 3s. It’s not just good, it’s the cream of the crops.

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We offer a wide range of breakfast cereals, canned food, coffee, sports nutrition, honey, sauces, and spreads. Internationally and locally renowned brands in our dry category include California Garden Chef Express, Jack Links, Yum Yum, Weight Watchers, Mother Earth, Limitless, Supashape, Molino Laquone, Ouma, de Siam, Bunalun Organic, Chia Bia, and many others.