Canary Butter Medelions Plain

Product name: Canary Butter Medelions Plain

Brand Information


It all started with an idea – we worked out a globally unique method of making perfectly shaped butter portions (what we now call butter medallions) using Grass fed, Premium New Zealand butter which, in our opinion, is the best butter in the world.We recognised the value in private ownership as the best way to deliver the best to both our customers and our people and so got to work selling our Canary Butter Medallions in New Zealand and Australia. Our butter range is made from what is - in our opinion - the best butter in the world. Sourced from Grass-fed cows, our butter products are a compliment to any application. Be it on your toast, baked into your croissants or cooked into your dinner - Canary butter products stand above the rest!We make our products to suit a wide range of applications such as airline meals, commercial baking, retail portions, café style or bulk food service. We also offer alternatives to our pure butter products in the form of sustainable-sourced, oil blended butter which brings the same great taste and adaptability of our pure butter products at a lower cost.

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