Honey Comb Frame 2.2kg

Product name: Honey Comb Frame 2.2kg

Brand Information


We at our company, Lourdes Honey Ltd, know what quality honey means. Not only are we aware of this fact but we also produce and pack high quality honey. Our knowledge is based on twenty-year long experience in apiculture. As one of the founders of our company I got acquainted with all the beauty and hardships of apiculture within the frames of a family enterprise. I started this activity with eight bee-families at the age of 16. Now I have a few hundreds of bee families. Apart from our own raw materials we purchase honey from constant, reliable beekeeper partners from all parts of Hungary. Our aim is to present real, natural honey to our consumers and other beekeepers. As an expert in this field I observed a lot of products in the market, that could hardly be called honey. We, however use, purchase and process exclusively natural, high quality honey. Our products are free from additives.

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Discover a wide range of protein-rich ingredients carefully selected to inspire your creativity in the kitchen. Our Culinary Category offers an abundance of options to suit various dietary preferences and cooking styles.

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We offer a wide range of breakfast cereals, canned food, coffee, sports nutrition, honey, sauces, and spreads. Internationally and locally renowned brands in our dry category include California Garden Chef Express, Jack Links, Yum Yum, Weight Watchers, Mother Earth, Limitless, Supashape, Molino Laquone, Ouma, de Siam, Bunalun Organic, Chia Bia, and many others.