Bunalun Org Frozen Peas 450g

Product name: Bunalun Org Frozen Peas 450g

Brand Information


National Organic Products Ltd. / Bunalun Organic was founded in 1999, as an Irish company providing a broad range of 100% organic food products of everyday grocery items.

Category Information

FROZEN Products


Among our frozen products are premium ice cream, potato products (French fries, hash browns, churros), seafood, pies, ready-to-cook meals, poultry fresh pasta, and cheese. Admiral's pizza, Aviko, Freshly Frozen Foods, and Pieman's are among the top brands in our frozen category.


We have a delicious range of confectionery products including chocolates, biscuits, candies from reputed brands like Kambly, and Kent. Additionally, we offer third-party suppliers like La Lorraine and Yaumi Bakery different kinds of donuts, croissants, cupcakes, and bread.