Turka WF Tortilla Wrap 360g

Product name: Turka WF Tortilla Wrap 360g

Brand Information


Established in Poland in 2009, our desire to share our love for food has no limit and at Turka, we work continuously towards improving our product quality. Our quality policy ensures our continued success and growing popularity of our tortillas all over the world. From Spain or Poland to all our international market, every single tortilla we produce is the result of a magic mixture between a traditional recipe and modern production technology. By adhering to the strictest international quality control standards (HACCP, ISO, and IFS) we can be certain that customers across the globe can enjoy every single touch, smell, and bite of our tortillas.

Category Information


Our Bakery Category showcases products that are crafted to provide a balance of indulgence and nutrition, so you can enjoy your favorite bakery treats guilt-free.