Product name: BALOCCO CIAMBELLE 350GM(BA107)

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OURS is the STORY of a FAMILY who for three generations has been committed to sweeten the life of millions of consumers world wid,with the same continued passion. In 1923 Francesco Antonio launched a pastry shop at Via Marconi in Fossano with his brother Alfredo, who in 1927 moved to Ventimiglia. Francesco Antonio took over a pastry shop at Piazza Castello in Fossano, where he made use of his many years of training, attracting a growing number of clients.

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We have a delicious range of confectionery products including chocolates, biscuits, candies from reputed brands like Kambly, Belgian, Balocco, and Kent. Additionally, we offer third-party suppliers like La Lorraine and Yaumi Bakery different kinds of donuts, croissants, cupcakes, and bread.