اسم المنتج: KAMBLY DELICE DE COCO 80GM(B27

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Kambly family have devoted every day of their working lives to baking their specialist goods for the past 100 years. Some of the raw materials are sourced locally, such as the flour and butter, used to make biscuits. These come from the village mill and cheese dairy in Trubschachen. More than 80% of the raw materials come from Switzerland or are processed in Switzerland, such as the chocolate, which is made for Kambly by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers according to their own secret recipes.

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الحلويات والشوكولاتة

استمتع بحلويات لذيذة من العلامات التجارية المشهورة مثل كامبلي وبلجيكا وكينت، ومجموعة مختلفة من الدونات والكرواسون والكب كيك والخبز من موردي الجهات الخارجية مثل لا لورين وياومي بيكري.