We offer a diversified range of high-quality products. Explore our product categories below:


We have a large portfolio of dry products in the category of breakfast cereals, canned food, coffee, sports nutrition, honey, sauces and spreads.

Internationally and locally renowned brands in our dry category include Coffee Planet, California Garden Chef Express, Jack Links, Yum Yum, Weight Watchers, Mother Earth, Limitless, Supashape, Molino Iaquone, Ouma, de Siam, Bunalun Organic, Chia Bia, Al Wadi Al Akhdar and many others.


We supply a range of premium beef, cheese, lamb, veal and poultry. Our beef is sourced from the finest producers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. A few of our Chilled brands are Admirals Fresh Italian cheese, Rangers Valley, Black Onyx, Karan Beef, Admirals chicken and Omega seafood.


Our frozen products include premium ice-cream, potato products (French fries, hash browns, churros), seafood, pies, ready-to-cook meals, poultry, fresh pasta and cheese. The brands in the Frozen category include Admirals pizza, Aviko, Freshly Frozen Foods, County Fair, Chickentizers and Pieman’s.