Our Business

We source

With an impressive portfolio to our name, we continue to import a variety of branded products from around the world into the GCC. We source from many countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, Lebanon and the United States. Our dedicated logistics team ensures that all of our international imports are received safely and timely.

We store

We are equipped with 3 state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing facilities strategically located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman. We are in the process of upgrading to a new facility with a warehousing capacity of about 5,000 pallets. Our warehouses are temperature controlled as per regulation, providing all products with the ideal conditions for chilled, frozen and dry storage.

We distribute

Our fleet of tri-temperature delivery trucks travels an average of 7,500 km daily to safely bring quality products to hotels, restaurants, catering companies and retail outlets across our markets. Our distribution team has an exceptional track record of delivering 100% received orders, servicing around 250 customers daily. Our stringent adherence to the correct temperatures and conditions ensures the timely delivery of high-quality products across all channels.

We promote

At Admirals, we understand that adding value to our partners-suppliers business means delivering new ideas, innovative programs and creative promotions to set them apart from their competitors. For us, successful marketing is about targeting the key customers effectively, growing sales and building brand awareness and loyalty in the long-run. From trade events and in-store promotions to target marketing, we work in collaboration with their marketing team to keep them at the forefront of success, and become ambassadors for their brands.

We expand

We are in the business of growing brands. Our well-connected sales team works hard and smart to present and effectively sell products to key decision makers in the industry such as senior buyers of major retail outlets, chefs and purchasers. Using our deep market knowledge, we launch brands with a competitive and speed-to-market advantage.


Globally connected, locally inspired

We import branded products from the finest producers and manufacturers from across the globe.